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Sickle Cell Awarness

Nabbar Court No. 123 is committed to supporting the community and those impacted by Sickle Cell Disease. We're proud of our philanthropic efforts, including supporting local charities through donations and volunteer work.  For the ensuing 2024 year, we will be working with the Sickle Cell Foundation and Camp New Hope.

Sickle Cell Camp Donation Flyer.png

A Special THANK YOU to our 2023 supporters!

Dt. Rosaline Moody, PC

Dt. Loretta Graham Pennington

Dt. Stephanie Wimbish

Dt. Jackie McCoy, PC

Dt. Ihsana Ujamaa

Dt. Ebony Johnson

Dt. Vivian Cook

Dt. LaGayle Brewer

Dt. Tonia Brower

Noble Mark Searcy

Noble Quincy Young

Bro. John Hanson

Dt. Yolanda S. Williams

Dt. Mable Ray, PC, HPIC

Noble Tango Evans

Dt. Timolin D. Jefferson, PC

Noble Roger Smith

Sister Geraldine Williams on behalf of Vashti Grimes Pullen #586     

Brother Andre Clark

Sister Keisha Hudgins

Rodney Kilpatrick

Thank you again for all your support!

We want to see the Sickle Cell Foundation flourish and help kids celebrate their health, happiness, and overall well-being.

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